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May 1, 2014

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Tip for today: Sin is like an Octopus. Damage can be done with the head but the things that are attached (tentacles or arms) to it are what keep us close..
The eight tentacles of sin:
1. Deception- what I have done is not as bad as what others have done
2. Guilt- is what the sinner feels inwardly about themselves; I ain’t no good
3. Shame- is what the sinner feels outwardly as it relates to others; the perception of others about me
4. Stain- is what is left behind as a memory for others and the sinner to constantly draw back to
5. Brokenness – I may as well keep on doing it. I’m stuck
6. Blame – I was made to do what I done; something or someone other than me triggered it; as if there is no “I” in it. But the reality is I am right in the middle of it. (s I n)