April 21, 2014

Tips Tools and Testimonies
Testimony for the Day: I spoke with a friend and in conversation I said to her in inspiration mode, “I Love Who You Are”. We had been having conversation about an issue she was having with people from her past. She went on about how she gets tired of being the bigger person. (we all do but I couldn’t allow her to hear that at that time) How she had been treated in the past. I thought to myself, if that’s what it took to get you to this point, then……. My mind went into ministry mode and here is the revelation: We are who we are now because of what we went through then. We don’t like the things that are seemingly bad for our present, but great for our future. I’m learning to Love What God Allows……..
Romans 8:28
And we Know that all things work together for our GOOD…..